Daniel ambrosino

Chief Financial Officer
Dan joined White Glove Capital in April of 2014.  Dan has spent over twenty years as a managing partner of a brokerage firm specializing in derivatives execution.  Dan's banking and private equity relationships are key drivers to White Glove Capital's assisting its clients getting their asset needs met.

Email: dan@whiteglovecapital.com

Warren Heydorn


Prior to establishing White Glove Capital, Warren spent 19 years as a derivatives trader at the CBOT/CME.  His extensive financial knowledge of business consulting with assets while maximizing a Clients bottom line are all vital assets that he brings with him to White Glove Capital.

Email: warren@whiteglovecapital.com

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TO find a creative  solutions using your Assets for your needs.

White Glove Capital uses a combination of our business acumen and our extensive network of affiliates to find a Creative Solution for all of our clients needs.  With our years of experience, and our unique perspective, we are able to consult all of our clients on how to best find a solution that meets their needs as well as makes sense to them financially.  Our goal as a consultant is to provide you with a quick and reasonable solution using your assets.